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Life is Grand!

Celebrate Gratitude and Compassion and learn ways to manifest more of what you want in your life! Making lemonade out of lemons, learning how to get unstuck from the old stories we cling to, and remembering the Grand Stand: Gratitude Reinforces, Affirms and Nurtures Dreams...

Customers often ask me why I chose copper to make my pendants:

The answer is, we combine the healing power of words (affirmations) with the healing properties of copper, raising the vibrational energy of the affirmations and the healing qualities they can promote.


When I was a young girl, my mom and stepdad were (and still are) co-facilitators of their own personal growth workshops. During their workshops, they incorporated some customs like passing around a "power object" or Shaman stick to empower whoever was speaking at that time, or using mantras and repetitive chants to affirm a life altering change and guide people as they manifest those changes. I learned early on that objects and words both have tremendous potential in helping us humans heal--spiritually, emotionally and even physically. Have you ever woken up and written an affirmation on your bathroom mirror, or written post-it notes to remind you of a bad habit or change you would like to make? Well, the beauty of my Power Pennies is that now you can carry that affirmation and energize it throughout the day. You can wear it, hang it in your car on your rear view mirror, or keep it in your pocket. By combining the power of words with a physical object, we are energizing the affirmation and empowering ourselves to manifest whatever our heart's desire.


I chose copper because it has unique healing properties. 

Here are some of the benefits thought to be of significance as it relates to copper, humans and energy:

Copper has long been known as a good conductor of energy, as well as a balancing metal that works with the flow of both receptive and projective energies. Copperprovides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. Copper has actually been known to transmit thought and healing energy and  is known to Shamans and Healers to be a metal that balances the body’s polarities, thereby removing blockages which are responsible for illness or imbalance. Copper is healing for the mind, body and spirit and when used with stones and crystals it helps to align the stone’s individual energy field (since every stone has it’s own properties). It has also been used to create a unique balance of energy, by combining stone and copper, which remains solely unique to the individual using it. It can assist in combating fatigue and lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of ones self.