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"I hope this email finds you in the greatest of spirits! With the recent job opportunities you have given our Genesis Women's Shelter clients – which we are SO grateful for and extremely happy for our clients... Thank you for helping us in providing the gift of hope to our families. I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a wonderful day!" Genesis Women's Shelter Case Manager

"Lauren gave me a one-of-a-kind necklace on my birthday in March and when she put it over my head she said I think you are worthy of a life of abundance and those are the pennies I give you. Everyone who knows me knows I have a lot of confidence in myself but those two pennies and what she said to me changed everything that I am now doing in my life. I looked at business differently and I looked at my self worth differently because of her jewelry. And I love my necklaces and my bracelet and when I wear them I'm reminded of whatever the affirmations say and I take them to heart. It was a very strong and powerful message to me and I will never ever forget how important they are in my life now. Everyone needs one in their life! Thank you Lauren Wulz for your awesome Power Penny Affirmation jewelry." Robin Roberson


Beautiful photo of a Hope's Seed momma proudly wearing her Life is Grand Power Penny of Hope we created for these courageous mom's of Hope's Seed children!



"My new inspiring necklace and bracelet made for me by Lauren Wulz of  Life is Grand!"

- Kathy McElroy


"Me and my Sister were introduced to this beautiful jewelry at Canton this past weekend. I have worn my necklace and ear rings and have feel great knowing it reflects my personality. Thank you so much for inspiring us with your creative ability! We plan to purchase additional items very soon."

- Karen Nash 


"My daughter and I met Lauren Wulz and her husband at the North Texas State Fair and they were wonderful. The jewelry and story behind it is a good one. She took the time to listen and learn about my daughter and helped her chose an inspirational message that she can keep close to her heart. She is enough and I hope she remembers that. Thank you!"

- Kim Wandell


"My sister's loved their key chains!! I cannot express in words the meaning of those key chains to my family. Having a piece of my father's coin collection with the phrase "loved" on one side is something that we can carry with us each day in remembrance of the greatest man in our lives. Thank you so very much for working with me to create the most wonderful gift I could have ever given to my sisters!"

- Amanda Taylor 


"Thank you so much for helping my sister and I create a beautiful necklace, bracelet, and ear rings. We love them!"

- The Two Sisters from Arkansas Vickie & Titus


"Great service! Lauren helped me pick out the perfect necklace fore my college bound daughter!!! Thanks Lauren!!!"


"Exceeded all my expectations. Beautiful craftsmanship."


"Made a donation to Educare with each purchase."


"Lauren is a talented Artist and she was so sweet helping me."


What a find at Dallas Market! Life is Grand! We love Lauren, such a beautiful spirit who creates exceptional jewelry from the heart. ?