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March 7, 2017  

Lauren Wulz
CEO Life is Grand,LLC    


(Dallas, TX)Life is Grand Power Penny® Providing Employment Opportunities and Changing Lives for Local Survivors of Domestic Violence


Local Entrepreneur Lauren Wulz (2016 Femmes International Entrepreneur of the Year) is hiring women from Genesis Women’s Shelter providing employment and instilling empowerment for these women struggling to support their families. Yes, Life is Grand is hiring local women from Genesis Women’s Shelter to help make her unique line of Power Penny ® affirmation jewelry. The positive employment experience is enabling women to qualify for new housing and other programs that might not have been available. Complete jewelry kits are provided to the women where they can assemble the necklaces or bracelets in the safety of the shelter and still care for their children. To date, these women have helped create hundreds of pieces and the goal is to expand this employment program for women survivors of domestic violence that is helping transform lives right here in Dallas.

“It is all about giving back in gratitude,” said Lauren Wulz, CEO at Life is Grand. “Life is Grand provides employment that is helping these women provide for their families, and we benefit by meeting growing inventory requirements for our stores around the nation. The benefits of seeing and working with positive affirmations all day long has been life-changing for these women. I know because they tell me so. Also, the camaraderie of the women working together towards a common goal is heartwarming. Even their children show up at our studio on team meeting days. My vision is to employ more and more women survivors, and the way to do that is by increasing the demand for our products.”

Domestic Violence in Dallas, in Texas and throughout the nation is a growing concern. Statistics are baffling and these women need employment in order to meet the needs of their children, but also to qualify for housing and other programs. Finding employers willing to bring in single moms with three little ones at home, that are currently living in a Women’s Shelter—well, it is simply not easy for these women to find gainful employment. We can make a difference!

We already have success stories of women who have been working for Life is Grand, left the shelter and transitioned into their own housing with the help of the Dallas Housing Authority. One of these women is still with us and I have high hopes that even as these women transition out of the shelter, they can continue to work for us, and help inspire the next generation of survivors.


About Life is Grand

Lauren’s husband would write affirmations on the bathroom mirror, and longing for a way to carry that positivity and personal power with her all day, The Power Penny ® of Life is GRAND was born.  Our “Grand Stand” is this: Gratitude Reinforces and Nurtures Dreams. Our company has rapidly grown from a home-based business to being represented by one of Dallas’ premier showrooms, 3Gentrys/Next Generation, and What is currently sold??? is currently sold in stores throughout the United States. The Life is Grand Power Penny® is created using upcycled real pennies, original artwork, copper for its known healing properties, natural gemstones and crystals. Each Power Penny® has a unique affirmation or inspiration to represent more of what people want in their lives or out in the world.


Life is Grand has created custom pieces for organizations like Hope’s Seed, and EduCare, a local non-profit providing education around compassion (and Compassion Fatigue Syndrome) as well as support and education for the aging LGBTQ population. In addition to the charity work and employing women from Genesis Women’s Shelter, Life is Grand also donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations that make life grander for others. To learn more about Life is Grand and Power Penny® affirmation jewelry visit or /


About Genesis Women’s Shelter

The Mission of Genesis: To provide safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact.

We are looking to create a societal shift on how people think about domestic violence. In order for that to happen, we need everyone to share the same message that there is help and there is hope. To learn more about Genesis Women’s Shelter visit