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Finding Forgiveness Part 1

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When I first started dating the man who is now my husband, I was in between jobs. He kept encouraging me to attend this personal growth workshop he had attended years back, and although my body tightened with resistance every time he mentioned it, I had to admit this man truly was (or seemed to be) totally different than any others I had dated. In other words, I liked him. In fact, I was falling in love with him. One thing led to another and the timing worked out, so I yanked the full amount out of my savings account and signed up for this workshop called Choices. Yeah, whatever, I told myself. As the daughter of two psychotherapists, I was convinced that no one and no workshop was going to teach me anything profound, and it would all seem trite to me, and besides that---I needed a personal growth workshop? For what? I was a strong, financially successful, single mother of three beautiful and over-achieving daughters. I owned my own home, drove a beautiful Mercedes Benz, and was surrounded by wonderful acquaintances that loved to let me buy lunch or dinner! There was certainly nothing wrong with my life, but let’s just say the stars aligned and I decided to go---partly to please my boyfriend. First obstacle was the roommate thing. Seriously? I don’t do roommates. I have earned my stripes, and no thank you. I want to sleep in private, have my own private bathroom, etc. Well, by the time I drove over there I realized what a bitch I sounded like, so I told the organizer that I would try a roommate the first night and if I was unhappy I would pay the huge fee to get my own private room. They surely loved me right from the get-go. You think?

This sets the stage for one of the most transformational times in my life. No. I was not broken. I did not have deep seeded psychological issues. But what I did have was anger. And lots of it. I discovered (through a guided meditation called the waterfall of forgiveness) the art of forgiveness. I learned how to let go, forgive and release the anger had I been carrying for over 20 years. I call this the turning point. The point from which everything in my life changed, evolved, transformed and now radiates the joy and gratitude that are now the cornerstones of my daily living. My kids thought I was taking drugs at first. They could not believe the change in me. “People don’t change that fast,” they said. But I had. And before long, they had all gone through the same seminar and had their own miraculous transformations, not a single one was the same. Of course not, we all have our own issues. Today, I see people in pain or struggling with just the most mundane aspects of relationships or daily life, and my heart wants to scream out: YOU DESERVE TO GO TO CHOICES! With my loved ones, I do just that. With strangers, not so much. This is why Choices Seminars is a part of this project, and why I hope you will find it in your heart to make a contribution to this incredible organization. Our scholarship is designed to help those who cannot afford to attend due to financial constraints. Choices is, quite simply, changing lives, one heart at a time.


Transforming our suffering and living in gratifude with grace and forgiveness allows us to BE THE PEACE we want to see in the world…Here is a beautiful expression of this by Thic:

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