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Today I affirm that I am worthy of all that is health. I am worthy of being in control of my own destiny, whether it be food or otherwise. I am worthy of being seen regardless of how much I weigh and worthy of love unconditionally. I am worthy of success and worthy of infinite abundance, regardless of old beliefs or behaviors. Today, I am a healthy and worthy woman.

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Got Purpose?

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Got Purpose?     Feel like your life has no purpose? Like you need to figure out what your true purpose in life is? Time to start “living your purpose.” Hogwash, I say. I have been fed the same messages for the past few years, approaching the time when I became the empty nester, after spending the past 20 years as a single mother of three daughters. Really? Find my purpose? I even recall being told by my mother that she was proud of me for finally searching for and starting to live my life with more meaningful purpose and...

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