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I had to start this blog off with a sense of misery just loves company. Why? Because I know very few people who have not felt something similar along the way. Especially at “our” age. That’s right. We feel miserable about ourselves, our bodies, the way we look, the way our clothes fit. You name it, we have felt it. And women do not have the corner on this market, it’s just that men do not fess up as readily as we do. The question I have been asking is when will it stop if not today? If I don’t take the steps I teach, and don’t walk the walk I’ve been talking about, then when will things ever change? Have you ever felt like hiding yourself away for about ten days until you drop a few pounds so no one will know but you (or you and your husband?) Have you ever not taken a trip to visit friends or family because you don’t feel good about the way you look? Would it really matter if that extra few pounds was 5, 10 or 20 or even 100? Where does it start and where does it begin to make less of a difference? I suppose for those of us who have so much energy wrapped up in being the perfect weight, there are no real boundaries, nor is there any magic number. We become prisoners of our own body, while secretly loving every morsel of food we are shoving into them. All the while, knowing how we will have self- loathing and depression soon afterward. And when all is said and done, we end up feeling worthless. We do not feel worthy of love, especially self-love. Why would anyone love me if I am overweight? Why would anyone want to buy my jewelry?  I’ll go see my family next month when I am feeling better about myself. Then my life will be perfect, when I am ten pounds thinner. I don’t deserve to be happy. Come on, admit it, I know so many of you have felt this before.

Well, I am tired of playing the food fight game. I am tired of eating for pleasure, sadness, celebration, remorse, guilt, anger or resentment. I would prefer to eat to live a healthy lifestyle. I prefer to eat to nourish and nurture my body. If thoughts become things, and I keep thinking I am overweight and need to lose weight, what do you think I am manifesting? If, on the other hand, I can remind myself that I am at a healthy weight, that health is my birthright, that I am worthy of being healthy and my body is worthy of being beautiful, then I know what I will manifest---because our thoughts  become the events and things in our lives. Simple Law of Attraction, right?

Today I affirm that I am worthy of all that is health. I am worthy of being in control of my own destiny, whether it be food or otherwise. I am worthy of being seen regardless of how much I weigh and worthy of love unconditionally. I am worthy of success and worthy of infinite abundance, regardless of old beliefs or behaviors. Today, I am a healthy and worthy woman.

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  • Rickie Moore on

    Sure written from the heart. It will touch a lot of women (and men) who can empathise with you.
    Keep on manifesting your radiant worthy Self.

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