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Gratitude Reinforces And Nurtures Dreams (The GRAND STAND)

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Engaging in conversations with the people that have inspired me the most throughout my life, I have noticed several patterns. What was it that inspired them to create, to be the light for someone else, to teach, preach, invent, paint or give in such a way that would make a positive and lasting impression on others’ lives?  So often, the answer is quite simply, they wanted to pay it forward, to give back in a meaningful way. Their lives had been blessed or touched somewhere—somehow along the way and they felt Gratitude. Gratitude was the power behind their dreams, the...

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Finding Forgiveness Part 1

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When I first started dating the man who is now my husband, I was in between jobs. He kept encouraging me to attend this personal growth workshop he had attended years back, and although my body tightened with resistance every time he mentioned it, I had to admit this man truly was (or seemed to be) totally different than any others I had dated. In other words, I liked him. In fact, I was falling in love with him. One thing led to another and the timing worked out, so I yanked the full amount out of my savings account...

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Our Matter Matters

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As a student of metaphysics, I am keenly aware (and will likely repeat this often) that we are all spiritual beings here on earth having a human experience. It might be easy to take that for granted. But I think it is important to remember how interconnected we are. How we feed off of each other’s energy, and we all share the one Infinite Source of Divine Energy.  Take my NIA class for example. Theoretically, it is just a dance class. We walk in, we dance together, we go home. That’s it. Or is it? When one of us is...

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