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Our Matter Matters

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As a student of metaphysics, I am keenly aware (and will likely repeat this often) that we are all spiritual beings here on earth having a human experience. It might be easy to take that for granted. But I think it is important to remember how interconnected we are. How we feed off of each other’s energy, and we all share the one Infinite Source of Divine Energy.  Take my NIA class for example. Theoretically, it is just a dance class. We walk in, we dance together, we go home. That’s it. Or is it? When one of us is hurting or in need of healing, we all dance with intention. We dance with healing energy and we dance with love and purpose. When one of us is mourning the loss of a friend or loved one, we dance in celebration of that life, with compassion for the one who is feeling the sense of loss. We do not own each other’s misery, we do not own their pain. We merely support each other and dance with gratitude for each other, for NIA and for the wonderful space to dance.

When I first entered the room, I could barely walk, let alone dance. I was recovering from a horrific battle with meningitis. The support and freedom to make choices in the way I would dance through my pain, and to self-heal was something I had never experienced before. My body began to heal, and my heart began to connect with the other women on so many levels. I received so much from just showing up. My healing took real form. I became much more physically fit, and began feeling like myself again. Life got busy again. I was planning my daughter’s wedding, planning my own and sharing my joy and excitement with the women around me. It never occurred to me that while I was receiving so much, I was also giving so much of myself.

One day, after class, a woman I had grown to really like came up to me and said she wanted to share something with me. She explained that she had been witnessing my joy and enthusiasm and my happiness in my relationship with Steve. She said that my joy and excitement had been an inspiration and a reminder to her of how things were earlier on in her own marriage. She was now able to take that energy and apply it in her own life.  Wow! Here I was thinking all the while about how much I was receiving from dancing with these women. I never once stopped to think about what I was GIVING these women by being myself and sharing my energy with them.

We matter. We all matter. How are you showing up in your life? What inspiration can you share with others? What unique gift are you sharing without even realizing it?

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